What's a Glass Bell and Why We All Need One

Under a Glass Bell is the title of a book by Anais Nin published in 1944. She is one of my favorite authors. I don't believe I've actually read Under a Glass Bell straight through. It's a collection of her short stories and the first piece of her writing that caught the critics' eyes.  But I've always loved the name.

Then, a friend of mine who was notorious for being the best gift giver on the planet gave me a set of three glass bells as a birthday gift.


They were invented by the french, of course. Beauty and function.

If one is lucky, they possess a figurative glass bell. They are protected from the cold and the harshness of life's weather, but are still able to look through and see the beauty. Don't get me wrong, the bell can still be knocked over or smashed by the storms, the downpours, the mishegoss. (And you can take them off in fair weather.) But the protection makes life just a bit easier, just a bit more tolerable.

I'm a lucky woman looking out from a beautiful glass bell.